Directions to Camp Lakewood Campground


From I-57/70 - Exit 160

Take exit 160, north on ILL route 32/33 to Ford Avenue (beside the Ford car dealer). Turn right on Ford Avenue and proceed to the stop sign. Turn left onto Raney Street and go to the end of Raney. Turn left onto Rickelman Avenue and drive beyond the mobile home park to our large sign “Camp Lakewood” and turn left down our lane to the office.

Google Maps Directions

From I-57/70 - Exit 162

Take exit 162, turn north (right) on US Route 45 and proceed to the traffic light near Pilot Truck Stop. Turn left at the light onto Rickelman Avenue and go straight down the road for two miles. Continue driving beyond the mobile home park to our large sign “Camp Lakewood’ and turn left down the lane to the office.

Google Maps Directions

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